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What you can do against Dowry threats

Section 498-A of the Indian Penal Code covers dowry-related harassment. As with other provisions of criminal law, a woman can use the threat of going to court to deter this kind of harassment. The Indian Penal Code also addresses dowry deaths in section 304-B. If a woman dies of "unnatural causes" within seven years of marriage and has been harassed for dowry before her death, the Courts will assume that it is a case of dowry death. The husband or in-laws will then have to prove that their harassment was not the cause of her death. A dowry death is punishable by imprisonment of at least seven years. When filing an FIR ( First Hand Report), in a case where a woman is suspected to have been murdered after a history of torture due to dowry demands, the complaint should be filed under section 304-B rather than under section 306, which deals with abetment to suicide. Section 306 should be invoked when a woman commits suicide because of dowry-related harassment.

How can you participate in this campaign against dowry ..

1. Sign the pledge to demonstrate solidarity
2. Make a donation to an organization fighting dowry, on the occasion of your marriage or a marriage in the family or your wedding anniversary, as a gesture of support.
3. If you are a creative person - Design banners, posters and flyers.
4. If you belong to some social forum, give our campaign a voice and a platform to reach out to more people
5. If you are a journalist / writer, write articles about this campaign.
6. If you belong to social organizations in India / US / any other country and are already working on dowry, help us join hands with your efforts.
7. If you are an artiste / dancer / singer / instrumentalist, please use art as a medium to voice your solidarity.
8. Share your personal stories to inspire many more.

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